Michael Steele on Abortion

Republican challenger, Lt. Gov.


Support stem cell research that involves no embryonic cells

I do support stem cell research. Where I have drawn the line is federal funding for research that destroys the embryo. And, and I’ve been very much an advocate and supporter of advancing research that will allow us to do the - do what we need to do without destroying that, that embryo.
Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press , Oct 29, 2006

See embryonic stem cells as lives

Q: Why are you opposed to using embryonic stem cells? Taking of a life?

A: Yes, I see that as a life, and I don’t think that we should use federal funds to do that. 1

Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press , Oct 29, 2006

Set up adoptions for unwanted embryos

I won’t close down the fertility clinics. We have options there. We could, we could set up adoptions for those, for those embryos. There are so many other options that we can pursue that we don’t. The key thing to keep in here is that science moves us in a certain direction, and it pushes the envelope, as it should. But as a society, we also must, must consider the, the, the religious, the moral, and the ethical values of that society, and that needs to be a part of this as well.
Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press , Oct 29, 2006

Roe v. Wade should remain in place

Q: Would you hope the US Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade?

A: My desire is that we follow what stare decisis is at this point.

Source: 2006 Maryland Senate debate on Meet the Press , Oct 29, 2006

More funding for adult stem-cell research, but not embryonic

Q: Should we pursue embryonic stem-cell research?

STEELE: I am four-square for stem-cell research, and accelerating the funding, with respect to cord blood and adult stem cell research. But I draw the line at embryonic research because I respect the life that that embryo represents.

ZEESE: I agree with the need for adult stem-cell research because I think science may find that mature cells are better than embryonic. But I also support embryonic, because we need to move forward, and avoid this phony divide. But I am concerned this may be one more corporate boondoggle. We already provide more than $300 billion in corporate welfare to wealthy companies. If we’re going to provide funding for stem-cell research, then taxpayers should be treated as investors and should profit from that research.

CARDIN: Most stem-cell research is done by universities, with the support of NIH. Embryonic stem-cell research holds promise not only for stopping the deterioration for diseases, but for reversing it.

Source: MD 2006 3-way Senate Debate on NewsChannel 8 , Oct 25, 2006

Supports Bush’s veto of embryonic stem cell research

Steele supports the president’s veto of a bill to provide federal funds for embryonic stem cell research. Embryonic stem cells, because they can develop into any organ, could be used to treat ailments like Parkinson’s disease and spinal-cord injuries. The embryo has to be destroyed to extract the cells. “I do not support the destruction of human life in that regard,” Steele said. He supports adult stem cell research & is in favor of research toward extracting stem cells without destroying the embryo.
Source: Clifford Cumber inteview in Frederick News-Post , Aug 8, 2006

Support stem cell research that does not destroy embryos

Q: Do you support easing federal restrictions on embryonic stem cell research?

A: I am very encouraged by innovations in technology that make it possible to treat and prevent disease without the willful destruction of human embryos. We have a lot to gain through furthering stem cell research, but medical breakthroughs should be fundamentally about saving, not destroying, human life. Therefore, I support stem cell research that does not destroy the embryo.

Source: Responses to Baltimore Sun Survey , Aug 7, 2006

Pro-life Republicanism is mainstream of America

Q: African-American. Republican. Catholic. Pro-life. Does that put you in a little box?

A: It puts me in the mainstream of America, baby. What you just laid out is one way to describe Michael Steele. The other way to describe him is he’s a brother who cares about the working man and woman. As an African-American, I think it’s time that we respect the fact that there is a wide range of opinion and diversity of thought. Kweisi Mfume doesn’t represent every black voice in Maryland. I don’t represent every black voice in Maryland. And Ben Cardin certainly doesn’t either. The reality is that this will be an election about voices, and the people of this state will get to hear a lot of voices. They’ll gravitate to the one that resonates in their hearts and in their minds.

Q: Is there an element of the black community to whom social conservatism has real appeal?

A: The majority of African-Americans are conservative. They’re God-fearing, church-going conservatives when it comes to a host of issues.

Source: Len Lazarick, The Examiner, “Power of the individual” , Apr 28, 2006

Pro-life, but we have to live with 33 years of reality

Senators cast votes on matters of substance and national import: up or down, yes or no. It is in this area that Steele is less comfortable - and at his most vulnerable as a candidate. It is not always apparent if he can clearly enunciate where he stands - or maybe he just doesn’t want to. Even on some of the issues that are closest to his heart, he defaults to soft, imprecise language. Steele says that he is proudly “pro-life” but seemed to equivocate when I asked if he favors greater restrictions on abortion or its outright ban. “The dance we do is, we put too much pressure and weight on one decision,” he said, referring to Roe v. Wade. “We have to re-evaluate that.” He claimed that he was not advocating overturning the decision, only asking if we “have to live with the reality of a decision that was made 33 years ago.”
Source: By Michael Sokolove, New York Times , Mar 26, 2006

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