Pat Buchanan on Crime

2000 Reform Candidate for President


Rising crime results from de-Christianizing America

Nearly 2 million Americans are in jails or prison, 4.5 million on probation or parole. In 1980, the prison and jail population was 500,000. There are 6 million narcotics addicts in the US.

In the African-American community, 28.5% of the boys can expect to serve a jail or prison sentence. In major cities 4 in 10 black males aged 16 to 35 are in jail or prison, or are on probation or parole. Drugs are pandemic. Children do not learn in schools. Conscientious kids are intimidated and beaten up. Girls are molested and assaulted by gang members high on dope and rap.

These are the first fruits of the cultural revolution that is de-Christianizing America. Reading these statistics, one is reminded of Jim Nelson Black: "No matter how far back you look, you will find that religion was always foundational to the great societies. Civilization arises from religion, and when the traditional religious beliefs of a nation are eroded, the nation dies."

Source: The Death of the West, by Pat Buchanan, p.199-200 , Oct 15, 2002

Stop gun rampages by requiring press silence

Q: [Without more gun laws], the sin would be to ignore this carnage [of the Honolulu gunman rampage].
A: All right, let me give you some ideas. Suppose the press was told you cannot cover this. You’re not to give this guy any publicity. We’re going to have a dead silence on it. This guy’s going to be brought in. We’re going to have a quick trial, and we’re going to hang him. You’d say that violated the First Amendment right, but you will go ahead and violate the Second Amendment.
Source: Interview on MSNBC’s “Equal Time” on 2000 election , Nov 2, 1999

Prompt death penalty would stop mass murderers

Let me tell you how I’d stop [crimes like the Honolulu gunman rampage]. If this guy was of a sound mind, prosecute him, convict him, put him in the electric chair, and send a message to the whole country within a matter of weeks: If this happens again, that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you.
Source: Interview on MSNBC’s “Equal Time” on 2000 election , Nov 2, 1999

Clemency for Puerto Rican terrorists is “shameful”

Q: Comments on the president granting clemency to Puerto Rican prisoners, former members of the FALN. A: Well, I just saw that unreconstructed terrorist you had on your show, and I think it was a shameful act on the part of the president. I’m not sure that there’s anything in his powers that he will not exploit for partisan gain or politics. And I think it was a disgrace, and I think many Democrats are probably as ashamed of him today as I am.
Source: Interview on “Meet the Press” , Sep 12, 1999

Reno should have resigned over Waco debacle

Q: The attorney general has appointed a new special counsel to get to the bottom of what really happened at Waco. A: My feeling is that Janet Reno should have resigned the day Waco occurred. She was the responsible officer, and some 86 people died, including two dozen children. It was a total debacle, and she made the ultimate decisions. I think she should have resigned then. I hope the Republicans on the Hill continue to investigate it.
Source: Interview on “Meet the Press” , Sep 12, 1999

Tort reform: limit damages; loser pays legal fees

A Buchanan Administration will end the legal assault on American business from tort reform at both the state and local level. Punitive and compensatory damages should be related to actual harm done-and the loser should be made to pay the legal fees of the winner.
Source: www.GoPatGo.org/ “Issues: Small Business” , Jun 12, 1999

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