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Abortion is a woman's right
Abortion: No funds to international groups that offer abortion
Abortion: Every child born and unborn ought to be protected
Abortion: Ban partial-birth; ban taxpayer funding
Abortion: Encourage fewer abortions via adoption & abstinence
Abortion: Supreme Court is wrong: leave abortion to the states
Require companies to hire more women & minorities
Civil Rights: Affirmative access: end soft bigotry of low expectations
Civil Rights: For affirmative action, but not quotas or preferences
Civil Rights: Reach out to minorities, but without quotas
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws
Civil Rights: Tolerance & equal rights, not gay marriage & special rights
Civil Rights: No gay adoptions; but listens to gay GOP group
Civil Rights: Against gay marriage, but leave it to the states
Civil Rights: Hate-crime rules don’t apply to gays
Civil Rights: No gay anti-discrimination laws; no same-sex marriages
Organized Prayer In Public Schools
Education: Character education grants & American Youth Character Awards
Education: Fund & honor character education
Families & Children: V-chip OK, but cultural changes are better
Education: Teach values and moral responsibility in schools
Principles & Values: Only faith and God can overcome social ills.
More Federal Funding for Health Coverage
Health Care: Family Health Credit: pay for 90% of basic low-income policy
Health Care: New Prosperity Initiative: $2,000 health ins. tax credit
Health Care: Medicare Rx drug coverage for low-income seniors
Health Care: Health care access via empowerment, not nationalizing
Privatize Social Security
Social Security: Private accounts for youth rather than high payroll taxes
Social Security: Support retirement via government-plus-private system
Social Security: Privatize Social Security to take advantage of stock market
Social Security: Use political capital to implement private savings accounts
Strongly Supports
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers
School Choice: Vouchers ensure school accountability
School Choice: Fund 2,000 charter schools; defund failing schools
School Choice: Let’s try vouchers in failing schools.
School Choice: Vouchers a priority; encourage their spread
School Choice: For charter schools; public school choice; vouchers
Strongly Supports
Death Penalty
Crime: Uphold law on death penalty; and think of the victims
Crime: Death penalty saves lives, when swift & just
Crime: Bush is confident that none of 112 executed were innocent
Crime: Supports death penalty as deterrent
Strongly Supports
Mandatory "Three Strikes" Sentencing Laws
Crime: Increased penalties to rehabilitate juveniles
Crime: Proud of eliminating parole for violent criminals
Crime: Supports “two strikes” & registration for sexual criminals.
Crime: Mandatory sentencing for repeat offenders
Strongly Supports
Absolute right to gun ownership
Gun Control: Would sign, but would not push, gun restrictions
Gun Control: Supports gun ownership for protection and hunting
Gun Control: Gun restrictions OK within basic right to own guns
Gun Control: Assault weapon OK; waiting period not OK
Strongly Supports
Make Income Tax Flatter & Lower
Tax Reform: Retroactive tax cuts may bolster faltering economy
Tax Reform: Cut taxes on income, children, & inheritance
Tax Reform: Read my lips: I will cut taxes
Tax Reform: The surplus is the people’s money-return it
Tax Reform: Cut top tax rate to 33% while cutting lower income taxes too
Immigration helps our economy-encourage it
Immigration: $500M to cut INS application time to 6 months
Immigration: Make INS more “immigrant friendly”
Immigration: More border guards to compassionately turn away Mexicans
Immigration: Guest workers, maybe; citizenship waiting period, yes
Strongly Supports
Support & Expand Free Trade
Free Trade: The fearful build walls; the confident demolish them.
Free Trade: No trade barriers from Alaska to the tip of Cape Horn
Free Trade: Fast Track in west; WTO in east
Free Trade: Supports Fast Track; WTO; NAFTA; anti-dumping
Link Human Rights to trade with China
Foreign Policy: Vietnam: Trade better for human rights than sanctions
China: China NTR promotes freedom, security and economics
China: Free trade with China creates expectations for democracy
China: Maintain relations with both Taiwan & China
China: China is an American competitor, not a friend
Strongly Supports
More Spending on Armed Forces Personnel
Defense: Better equipment, better training, and better pay
Defense: $1B more for salary; $20B more for R&D for new weapons
Defense: $1B more in personnel raises; more for housing too
Defense: Increase military salaries & weapons spending
Strongly Opposes
Reduce spending on Missile Defense ("Star Wars")
Defense: SDI: think beyond Cold War, but convince Europe & Russia
Defense: Russia: jointly reduce missiles; but no joint SDI
Defense: SDI needed for defense against rogue states & terrorists
Defense: Develop SDI, even if we must breach ABM treaty
Continue Foreign Aid to Russia, Israel, & others
Foreign Policy: Africa: Rally world to help AIDS, but not with US funds
Foreign Policy: Aid should encourage markets & reform; unlike Russian IMF
Foreign Policy: Reform UN & IMF; strengthen NATO
Foreign Policy: Russia funding: replace IMF loans with $ to people
Foreign Policy: Focus on Big Three: Russia, China, & India
Spend Resources to Stop Global Warming
Environment: Incentives for private land stewardship & conservation
Environment: Keep drilling; keep dams; keep private property
Environment: Opposes Kyoto treaty, ESA, & other intrusive regulations
Budget & Economy: Explore ANWR; explore for gas; reduce foreign dependence
Strongly Supports
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it
Drugs: Stronger penalties for first time cocaine possession
Drugs: Full background checks on drug use for all appointees
Drugs: Supports tough drug laws as well as drug education programs.
Drugs: Encourages abstinence from tobacco, drugs or alcohol.
Strongly Supports
Allow churches to provide welfare services
Welfare & Poverty: Fund faith-based private programs that promote independence
Welfare & Poverty: Church-based solutions for drugs, daycare, & crime
Welfare & Poverty: “No-strings” vouchers for religious groups to do charity
Principles & Values: Church-based charity assures nobody is left behind

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