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Strongly Opposes
Abortion is a woman's right
Abortion: Exemptions for rape, incest or woman’s life now OK
Abortion: In Congress: No exceptions in the case of rape or incest
Abortion: Against abortion rights
Abortion: Co-sponsored “Preborn Children’s Civil Rights Act of 1985”
Strongly Opposes
Require companies to hire more women & minorities
Civil Rights: Voted against ERA in 1983
Civil Rights: Co-sponsored bills for equal rights for women in education
Civil Rights: Voted for anti-busing Amendment
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws
Civil Rights: Stopped military academies from banning gays
Civil Rights: Kept ban on gays in military; and ban on women in combat
Organized Prayer In Public Schools
Education: Supports school prayer
Crime: Character education; community service; pay restitution
Families & Children: More obscenity enforcement; more character education
More Federal Funding for Health Coverage
Health Care: Prescription drug benefits for Medicare recipients
Health Care: Fund Medicare psychologists; self-employees; & organ donors
Health Care: Voted against 1979 hospital cost control plan
Privatize Social Security
Social Security: End earnings test; allow retirement income under SSI
Social Security: Raise annual IRAs to $2,500; more cost-of-living increases
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers
School Choice: Co-sponsored bill for parental choice within public schools
Death Penalty
Crime: Death penalty OK for espionage & treason
Mandatory "Three Strikes" Sentencing Laws
Gun Control: Trigger locks OK, and tougher enforcement
Drugs: Mandatory penalties to fight for a drug-free America
Crime: Co-sponsored bills for stricter & mandatory sentencing
Strongly Supports
Absolute right to gun ownership
Gun Control: Now might outlaw plastic guns & cop-killer bullets
Gun Control: Opposed 7-day waiting period for buying guns
Gun Control: Voted against banning plastic bullets & cop-killer bullets
Gun Control: Voted in Congress to weaken gun control laws
Make Income Tax Flatter & Lower
Tax Reform: Co-sponsored bills to maintain charity & mortgage deductions
Tax Reform: No tax increases; deduct R&D and local taxes
Tax Reform: Opposed Reagan’s tax overhaul as sellout to Dems
No opinion
Immigration helps our economy-encourage it
(No votes on which to base response)
Support & Expand Free Trade
Free Trade: Worldwide market thrives only with peaceful stability
Free Trade: Sponsored bills limiting trade & allowing import fees
Free Trade: Voted against textile import limits
Free Trade: Supported export promotion & import tax relief
Link Human Rights to trade with China
China: Supported F-16 sales to Taiwan
China: Supports linking MFN to human rights outside of China
More Spending on Armed Forces Personnel
Defense: Need to spend more, but spend it wisely
Defense: Cautious cuts: A-12, V22, F14D, Seawolf, 500,000 troops
Defense: In Congress, consistently voted to raise military spending
Defense: Downsized military while protecting “people programs”
Reduce spending on Missile Defense ("Star Wars")
Defense: Supported fully funding SDI in 1990s
Defense: Co-sponsored SDI; “peace thru strength”; base closings
Continue Foreign Aid to Russia, Israel, & others
Foreign Policy: Voted to support foreign aid programs
Foreign Policy: Include former Soviet states in NATO for stability
War & Peace: Critical of Israeli policy which opposes US interests
Foreign Policy: Supported foreign aid to Latin America & Africa
Spend Resources to Stop Global Warming
Environment: Voted against Clean Water Act and air pollution sanctions
Environment: OK to hunt, trap, & ski in National Parks & Forests
Environment: User fees in National Parks & Forests; drill ANWR
Environment: Sponsored numerous bills for flood control & dams
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it
Drugs: Post federal rewards for snitching on drug sales
Drugs: Request media participation in War on Drugs
Drugs: More federal and foreign cooperation in fighting drugs
Allow churches to provide welfare services
Welfare & Poverty: Supported family services being provided by private groups
Welfare & Poverty: Co-sponsored bills for workfare; for local farmer control

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