Dan Quayle on Budget & Economy

Vice President of the U.S., 1989-1993; Former Republican Senator (IN)


Proposed Balanced Budget Amendment

Sen. Quayle co-sponsored S.J.RES.11 (Introduced by Sen. Strom Thurmond with 31 co-sponsors): A joint resolution proposing an amendment to the Constitution relating to Federal balanced budget.
Source: Bill sponsorship archives from the Library of Congress , Jan 6, 1987

Congress, not Fed, should manage economy

The entire Political Establishment sits back while Alan Greenspan lectures the nation on the need to not only subdue economic growth, but also to rein in the stock market. There is nothing that empowers the Fed to both manage our national economy and regulate the values of equities. This is not just a question of a quarter point on the federal funds rate. We are talking about the Fed assuming powers placed by the Constitution in the hands of the people and their elected representatives.
Source: Press Release on Greenspanís Jackson Hole remarks , Aug 23, 1999

Greenspan should lower interest rates, and should retire

There is no sign of inflation, yet Mr. Greenspan threatens even higher interest rates later this year, where instead he should be ending the commodity deflation he has induced. As much as I appreciate the job he has done in keeping inflation under control, I believe he has in the last few years strayed further & further from his authority. [He] demonstrates the need for term limits for Fed chairmen. Mr. Greenspan [should not] be deified with a 4th term. He should consider taking early retirement.
Source: Press Release on Greenspanís Jackson Hole remarks , Aug 23, 1999

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