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Crippled America,
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Fire and Fury,
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Trump Revealed,
by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher (2016)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2016)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
by Cory Booker (2016)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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State of Arkansas Politicians: Archives

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    Asa Hutchinson: Now we're the number one pro-life state in the nation.
    Leslie Rutledge: Honored for Arkansas to be named most pro-life state.
    Dan Whitfield: Pro-choice but focus on sex ed & access to contraceptives.
    Tom Cotton: Roe v. Wade was wrongly decided; let states decide.
    Mark West: Oppose abortion, but give options to women in crisis.
    Jared Henderson: Supports available legal abortion but won't run on the issue.
    Frank Gilbert: Only allow abortion for rape, incest, and maternal life.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of the rights of the unborn.
    Conner Eldridge: I'm personally opposed, but Roe v Wade is the law.
    Mike Beebe: Vetoed abortion ban after 12 weeks.
    Bruce Westerman: No abortion after 12 weeks when fetus is "pain-capable".
    Asa Hutchinson: Human life begins at conception.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Curtis Coleman: Supports umbilical stem cell research, but not embryonic.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Boozman's pro-life stance puts rapists over victims.
    John Boozman: Opposes transporting minors across state lines for abortion.
    Bruce Westerman: Pro-life; no exceptions for incest or rape.
    Bruce Westerman: Stem cell research ok, but not embryonic stem cell research.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Take objective approach to judicial confirmation process.
    Jim Holt: Would not support any pro-choice judicial candidate.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports woman’s right-to-know legislation.
    Mike Huckabee: Pro-life, but respects choice as mandated law.
Budget & Economy
    Mark West: Market-led recovery better than stimulus.
    Jared Henderson: Bring new ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to economy.
    Curtis Coleman: Work tirelessly to reduce our deficit & pay back $18T debt.
    Conner Eldridge: Start doing something about $18 trillion in debt.
    French Hill: Cut low-priority spending; smaller federal government.
    Nathan LaFrance: Politicians CANNOT control government spending; time for BBA.
    Asa Hutchinson: Free enterprise is key to national prosperity.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Voted for $7 trillion in new debt and bailouts.
    Asa Hutchinson: AdWatch: Worked for lobbying firm after leaving Congress.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Trillions of things in common with Pelosi & Obama.
    Bruce Westerman: Favors economic growth and cuts as opposed to raising taxes.
Civil Rights
    Leslie Rutledge: Ban transgender girls in sports to ensure equity.
    Leslie Rutledge: Supports election fraud lawsuit filed by Texas.
    Dan Whitfield: No discrimination for sexual orientation or identity.
    Dan Whitfield: Solving systemic racism will improve life for Americans.
    Mark West: No authority over relationships between same-sex adults.
    Jared Henderson: Supports LGBT citizens but not for across the board revamps.
    Conner Eldridge: Reauthorize Violence Against Women Act.
    Curtis Coleman: Protect right to free practice of our faith.
    Asa Hutchinson: Forced moderate version of business "religious freedom" bill.
    Conner Eldridge: OpEd: Dems embrace same-sex marriage; Eldridge is reluctant.
    Asa Hutchinson: Government shouldn't redefine marriage.
    Asa Hutchinson: Marriage should be only one-man-one-woman.
    Frank Gilbert: State should stay out of the marriage business.
    Mike Ross: Personally opposes gay marriage, but abide by Supreme Court.
    Bruce Westerman: Opposes affirmative action.
    Curtis Coleman: Marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Defer to military decision on Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell.
    John Boozman: Keep Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell; the policy has worked well.
    Bruce Westerman: No civil unions; no same-sex marriage.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Oppose amending the federal constitution to ban gay marriage.
    Jim Holt: Amend the federal constitution to ban gay marriage.
    Leslie Rutledge: Stop private social media companies from censoring & banning.
    Dan Whitfield: Close loopholes so corporations pay more than zero in taxes.
    Jared Henderson: Give right tools to right people, & jobs will flourish.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Worked as management consultant, not in insurance.
    John Boozman: Tax cuts for higher income helps small business owners.
    Asa Hutchinson: Let's not be last state to enact hate crimes legislation.
    Dan Whitfield: Need to reform, not "defund," the police.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: To remain free we must have law and order.
    Dan Whitfield: End the corruption of private prisons.
    Leslie Rutledge: Death row executions continue with sedative.
    Dan Whitfield: Greater firepower is not solution; deal with systemic racism.
    Tom Cotton: Zero tolerance for destruction during protests.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Prisons shouldn't profit off of people.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Reduce prison population; impose sentencing caps.
    Asa Hutchinson: Give criminals a second chance.
    Asa Hutchinson: Increased funding for law enforcement.
    Mark West: Fewer non-violent offenses, but respect victims rights.
    Asa Hutchinson: Four executions in 8 days; keep protocol of lethal injection.
    Asa Hutchinson: Balance public safety with giving a second chance in life.
    Curtis Coleman: No mandatory minimums, but death penalty ok.
    Conner Eldridge: Work with law enforcement to reduce threats of violence.
    Mark Swaney: Eliminate the federal death penalty.
    Mike Beebe: Let non-violent offenders repay debt to society productively.
    Bruce Westerman: Supports capital punishment; opposes building more prisons.
    Dan Whitfield: Let voters in each state determine how to treat marijuana.
    Tom Cotton: Stiffer penalties for deceptively trafficking in fentanyl.
    Dan Whitfield: Marijuana should be federally decriminalized.
    Mark West: Marijuana is not a gateway drug.
    Conner Eldridge: Spent 5 years as US Attorney taking on drug traffickers.
    Mike Beebe: Heavier penalties for drug trade; but not for possession.
    Bruce Westerman: No medical marijuana; no decriminalization.
    Mike Huckabee: Treatment for drug use instead of incarceration.
    Leslie Rutledge: First in education which includes school choice.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Offer more choices to parents of kids in failing schools.
    Asa Hutchinson: Raise average teacher salaries $2,000 over next two years.
    Tim Griffin: Wants more parental choice in education.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Offer more choices to parents of kids in failing schools.
    Tom Cotton: Cut funding to schools using 1619 Project about slavery.
    Tim Griffin: Looks forward to school choice funding of religious schools.
    Dan Whitfield: Free college for 2-year degrees; lower interest rates.
    Dan Whitfield: Promote vocational training for those not going to college.
    Dan Whitfield: Raise teacher's minimum salary to $40,000.
    Dan Whitfield: Cap the interest rate on Federal Student Loans at 1-2%.
    Dan Whitfield: Raise teachers' salaries from $33K to $40K.
    Asa Hutchinson: Invest in tech education & early education.
    Mark West: De-link funding from standardized tests; then vouchers ok.
    Asa Hutchinson: Fund colleges based on productivity.
    Jared Henderson: Education is the catalyst to strong economy and prosperity.
    Asa Hutchinson: ArFuture Grants: pay tuition & stay in state for 3 years.
    Curtis Coleman: Opposes mandatory reforms for competitive federal grants.
    Conner Eldridge: I attended public schools and I will prioritize education.
    Asa Hutchinson: Post the Ten Commandments in public school buildings.
    Mike Ross: AdWatch: Unwavering commitment to our children and schools.
    Mike Beebe: Teach science and math using new, national methods.
    Bruce Westerman: Supports charter schools; opposes Common Core.
    Mike Huckabee: First priority: Raise teacher salaries.
Energy & Oil
    Leslie Rutledge: Joined challenge of revocation of Keystone Pipeline permit.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Fight radical environmental policies like Green New Deal.
    Dan Whitfield: Climate change is real; make Arkansas leader in clean energy.
    Dan Whitfield: Climate change exists even if we pretend it doesn't.
    Josh Mahony: Climate change is man-made.
    Mark West: Government shouldn't play favorites in energy market.
    Mark Swaney: Tax carbon to encourage people to use alternatives.
    Curtis Coleman: Use every American energy source to end external dependency.
    Curtis Coleman: Cap-and-trade is a massive tax on energy consumption.
    Bruce Westerman: Expansion of energy sources should be market driven.
    Jim Holt: Drilling for oil in Alaska won’t cause environmental damage.
    Mark West: Fight EPA regulatory over-reach.
    Asa Hutchinson: Reduce burden of unreasonable regulations.
    Conner Eldridge: Repeal overly-burdensome regulations that hurt farmers.
    Curtis Coleman: EPA poses a serious threat to property rights.
    John Boozman: EPA regulations make dirtier climate abroad & no gain in US.
    Bruce Westerman: Fight EPA expansion of protected waters.
    Mike Beebe: Important to preserve forests to protect jobs.
Families & Children
    Asa Hutchinson: Reformed child welfare system with faith-based partners.
    Asa Hutchinson: More funding for foster children.
    Tom Cotton: Domestic violence victim funding pushes ideological agenda.
    Asa Hutchinson: Reform divorce laws to increase waiting period.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports “covenant marriage”.
Foreign Policy
    Ricky Dale Harrington: As missionary in China, saw lack of rights under Communism.
    Tom Cotton: Buy strategically-important Greenland, to block China.
    Mark West: Just because something is American doesn't make it better.
    Asa Hutchinson: Eradicate North Korean leadership, but no assassinations.
    Conner Eldridge: Advocate for an aggressive, unapologetic foreign policy.
    Bruce Westerman: Negotiate Israel-Palestine deal directly, not through UN.
Free Trade
    Tim Griffin: Applauds USMCA for promoting trade, economic growth.
    Asa Hutchinson: Supports USMCA trade agreement to replace NAFTA.
    Asa Hutchinson: Supports high tariffs to eventually lead to low tariffs.
    Mark West: Support & expand free trade.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Trans Pacific Partnership; supports fair trade.
    Bruce Westerman: Expand foreign markets for farm exports.
    Mike Beebe: Cuba's interest in AR exports is good for the state.
Government Reform
    Leslie Rutledge: OpEd: Lawsuit alleges election challenge was self-serving.
    Dan Whitfield: Favors ranked choice voting.
    Dan Whitfield: End gerrymandering, use computer algorithm to draw lines.
    Dan Whitfield: Reform Postal Service; against privatization.
    Dan Whitfield: Lower pay for elected officials.
    Dan Whitfield: Denied ballot access in 2020, not dropping fight for 2022.
    Dan Whitfield: Elected officials should give up financial privacy.
    Dan Whitfield: All elected officials should liquidate their portfolios.
    Dan Whitfield: Corporate spending is not speech; end Citizens United.
    Dan Whitfield: Sued over signature requirement for ballot during pandemic.
    Dan Whitfield: Elected officials should give up rights to financial privacy.
    Asa Hutchinson: Cut outdated regulations and cut government employees.
    Mark West: Make voter registration easier.
    Conner Eldridge: Rid the political system of secret, dark money.
    Curtis Coleman: 12-year term limits: citizen legislators and judges.
    Nathan LaFrance: Term limits will accomplish with CFR attempts to do.
    Asa Hutchinson: Photo ID for voting.
    Asa Hutchinson: 1999: Brought articles of impeachment against Bill Clinton.
    Mike Ross: Left Congress due to growing acrimony of national politics.
    Mark Pryor: Government shutdown is reckless & irresponsible.
    Mike Beebe: Vetoed bill to require photo ID for voting.
    Bruce Westerman: Co-sponsored bill to require photo ID for voting.
    Bruce Westerman: Require proof of identity when voting.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: No moratorium on earmarks; they fund local projects.
    Bruce Westerman: Limit campaign contributions but not campaign spending.
    Jim Holt: Campaign reform is incumbency protection.
    Mike Huckabee: Not more government, but more efficient government.
Gun Control
    Leslie Rutledge: A proud Christian, pro-life, gun-carrying conservative Momma.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Defend your second amendment right to keep your family safe.
    Dan Whitfield: Disarming citizens unconstitutional, but check backgrounds.
    Dan Whitfield: Disarming citizens against everything America stands for.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Right of people to bear arms "shall not be infringed".
    Josh Mahony: Mental health reform, but we need Congress to pass it.
    Tom Cotton: Mental health reform to block access to firearms.
    Josh Mahony: Mental health reform; but how do we do it?
    Tom Cotton: Mental health reform; but how do we do it?
    Mark West: Absolute right to gun ownership.
    Jared Henderson: No guns on campus; won't commit yet on open carry.
    Conner Eldridge: Enforce the gun laws already on the books.
    Curtis Coleman: Champion of our 2nd Amendment rights.
    Nathan LaFrance: Attempts at building a federal gun registry are wrong.
    Asa Hutchinson: Opposes more gun restrictions.
    Bruce Westerman: No background checks, no licensing, for concealed carry.
    Mike Huckabee: Supports self-defense and ‘castle doctrine’.
Health Care
    Leslie Rutledge: Joined Texas lawsuit to end ObamaCare.
    Asa Hutchinson: COVID: Getting vaccines out is public/private partnership.
    Tom Cotton: Supreme Court got it wrong o ObamaCare individual mandate.
    Dan Whitfield: Medicare for All--human misery should never be monetized.
    Dan Whitfield: Coronavirus: China is not the enemy; COVID-19 is.
    Asa Hutchinson: Kept state "open for business" during pandemic.
    Tom Cotton: Introduced bill to cut off purchase of China-made drugs.
    Dan Whitfield: Universal healthcare, like every other industrialized nation.
    Josh Mahony: Supports public option; preserve private health insurance.
    Mark West: Oppose ObamaCare.
    Asa Hutchinson: Work requirement for Medicaid.
    Jared Henderson: Support Arkansas Works; concentrate on reducing premiums.
    Asa Hutchinson: $5M for Mental Health Stabilization Centers.
    Curtis Coleman: I will never vote to fund ObamaCare.
    Conner Eldridge: Improve ObamaCare rather than distractions about repeal.
    French Hill: ObamaCare is a $2.2 trillion mistake.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No, Cotton won't end Medicare guarantee.
    Mike Beebe: Expand state Medicaid, but with low-income private option.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: False that Medicare vouchers increase seniors' cost.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: Cotton supports Medicare "premium support" vouchers.
    Asa Hutchinson: A lot of budget "fuzziness" if private option is not renewed.
    Mike Ross: Voted for ObamaCare early on but now consistently against it.
    Mike Ross: Voted against individuals keeping health insurance plans.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: Targeted by RNC robocalls for support of ObamaCare.
    Tom Cotton: Federal shut down to force ObamaCare delay by one year.
    Tom Cotton: FactCheck: No special subsidies for congressional staff.
    Mike Beebe: Provide better care without federal Affordable Care Act.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Fix broken logistics of healthcare delivery.
    John Boozman: I want to be the deciding vote to repeal ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Nothing in healthcare bill controls cost; much escalates it.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Worked to ensure the overhaul helped small businesses.
    John Boozman: Solution like overhaul is what's wrong with government.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: I stopped the public option in ObamaCare.
    John Boozman: Something needs to be done, but ObamaCare is a job killer.
    Bruce Westerman: No public option; no individual mandates.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Can’t get our arms around the uninsured.
    Mike Huckabee: ARKids First program: record decreases in uninsured.
Homeland Security
    Dan Whitfield: Invest in the VA: education on bases for soldiers' children.
    Mark West: Military expansion results in international police.
    Conner Eldridge: Ensure stable military and VA funding.
    Curtis Coleman: AdWatch: Boozman voted to curtail civil liberties; I won't.
    Curtis Coleman: Oppose unconstitutional activities by the NSA.
    Nathan LaFrance: Meta-data collection of phone records is unconstitutional.
    Tom Cotton: AdWatch: No sense of entitlement from serving in military.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Seniority concerns shouldn’t outweigh intelligence decisions.
    Jim Holt: Trust Bush’s homeland security decisions and recommendations.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Some immigrants are worse than animals.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Pledges to defund sanctuary cities, already done in 2019.
    Dan Whitfield: End migrant child detention facilities: use foster care.
    Mark West: Pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
    Jared Henderson: We can learn and grow by listening to the immigrants stories.
    Conner Eldridge: Pathway to legal status but no amnesty.
    Curtis Coleman: 100% opposed to amnesty in any form or by any mechanism.
    Bruce Westerman: Control the borders, then implement guest worker program.
    Dan Whitfield: Large corporations required to pay $15 minimum wage.
    Dan Whitfield: Regain workers' rights and protections through Unionism.
    Mark West: No discriminatory hiring practices but no affirmative action.
    John Boozman: Pushed 16-hour trucker day; withdrew "sweatshop on wheels".
    Mark Swaney: Abandon minimum wage in favor of living wage.
    Jim Holt: Restrict China trade until they float their currency.
Local Issues
    Asa Hutchinson: Shift lottery authority to new state agency.
    Frank Gilbert: Do away with the lottery; not the right way to fund schools.
    Mike Ross: Opposed lottery initially; but now let's make it better.
Principles & Values
    Anthony Bland: We need policies that make sure everybody is treated fair.
    Anthony Bland: Make the American dream a reality for all Arkansans.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Sanders is Christian, conservative, a proud Arkansan.
    Leslie Rutledge: Require public schools to play anthem before sporting events.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I took on media, radical left and cancel culture.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Everything we love about America is at stake.
    Asa Hutchinson: When the election is over we need to come together.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I'm a Christian, a wife, a mom, and a proud Arkansan.
    Tim Griffin: Supports Supreme Court nominations in election year.
    Tom Cotton: Slavery was necessary evil upon which union was built.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Libertarian for those unhappy with Democrats AND Republicans.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Converted from Blue-Dog Democrat; married with three kids.
    Mark West: No religious viewpoint should be publicly imposed.
    Frank Gilbert: Christian Libertarian & believes in Non-Aggression Principle.
    Asa Hutchinson: Parents operated a Christian radio station and school.
    Tim Hutchinson: Parents operated a Christian radio station and school.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God; and only God has all the answers.
    Tom Cotton: Served in military, academia, and as management consultant.
    Tom Cotton: Fastest male in Congress; has finished 11 marathons.
    Mark Pryor: Campaign theme: Pryor is responsible, Cotton is reckless.
    Mark Pryor: AdWatch: I believe in God and I believe in His word.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Some say I'm too liberal; some say I'm too conservative.
    John Boozman: Arkansas can't afford Blanche Lincoln anymore.
Social Security
    Mark West: System going bankrupt; cautious transition to privatization.
    Curtis Coleman: Divert some FICA taxes into personal retirement accounts.
    Conner Eldridge: Protect seniors from privatization and Wall Street gambling.
    French Hill: Keep our promises, and enhance 401k's & reverse mortgages.
    Tom Cotton: Oppo AdWatch: supports Privatizing social security.
    John Boozman: Private accounts should be looked at as an option.
Tax Reform
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Reduce cost and size of government, lower state income tax.
    Asa Hutchinson: Lower tax rate for new residents to 4.9% for five years.
    Tim Griffin: Eliminating state income tax should be our goal.
    Sarah Huckabee Sanders: I will lower the state income tax.
    Dan Whitfield: Close loopholes for wealthy; lower taxes for working class.
    Asa Hutchinson: 2-4-5.9 plan: flatten & simplify rates, to spur growth.
    Jared Henderson: Fight against raising grocery tax, to protect families.
    Mark West: Lower taxes on everyone.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax cuts attract keep veterans in state.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax cuts keep Arkansas competitive : cut from 6.9% to 6%.
    Jared Henderson: Supports the Republican low and middle class income tax cuts.
    Conner Eldridge: Lower taxes for families and small businesses.
    Curtis Coleman: Simple Flat Tax plan: 10% for all personal income tax.
    French Hill: We need a simple fair tax code instead of wet blanket.
    Nathan LaFrance: Replace income tax with national sales tax.
    Asa Hutchinson: Don't raise any taxes, while reducing individual tax rate.
    Frank Gilbert: Don't raise any taxes, and eliminate income tax.
    Mike Ross: I support lower tax rates.
    Asa Hutchinson: Tax reduction will spur job growth.
    Mike Beebe: Cut regressive grocery sales tax now; eliminate it later.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Extend tax cuts for low and middle income.
    John Boozman: Support the FairTax; abolish the Internal Revenue Service.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: The ultrawealthy should not receive tax cuts.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: National sales tax of 23% is just a bad idea for Arkansans.
    Blanche Lambert Lincoln: Like to see tax cuts for the lower and middle class.
    Jim Holt: Taxes should be cut further.
    Wesley Clark: Middle- & working-class tax cuts are an economic-growth tool.
    Mike Huckabee: Remove the poorest taxpayers from the tax rolls.
    Asa Hutchinson: $30 million to expand high-speed internet into rural areas.
    Tom Cotton: Protect officials, government employees from "doxing".
    Dan Whitfield: Internet info should be personal property, not providers'.
    Asa Hutchinson: Focus on technology education & Innovation Council.
    Mike Huckabee: Arkansas becoming a leader in e-government.
War & Peace
    Dan Whitfield: Bring troops home; stop destabilizing foreign governments.
    Dan Whitfield: America has been in the business of war for far too long.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: End costly wars and foreign entanglements.
    Ricky Dale Harrington: Repeal the War Powers Act & Patriot Act.
    Mark West: Avoid foreign entanglements.
    Curtis Coleman: Use military force top prevent nuclear proliferation.
    Conner Eldridge: Provide resources to keep military strongest in the world.
    Tom Cotton: Authored deal requiring Congress' input on Iran nuke deal.
    Conner Eldridge: Opposes Obama's Iran nuclear deal; needs more verification.
    Bruce Westerman: No way we can accept a nuclear Iran.
    Mark Swaney: Iraq war was a waste, based on a lie.
    Tom Cotton: Jihadists attack us for who we are.
    Tom Cotton: Iraq War was just and noble.
Welfare & Poverty
    Dan Whitfield: Require all homeless shelters to be handicap accessible.
    Jim Holt: Separation of church and state cannot be done.

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