George Allen on Homeland Security

Republican Jr Senator (VA)

Continue terrorist interrogations but without torture

Q: How will you vote on the Warner-McCain-Graham bill about interrogating and prosecuting enemy combatants?

ALLEN: I'm going to make a determination once I get some more facts. The two key points I'm going to look at [are], number one, these interrogations have helped protect American lives and not just here at home but also in the battlefield. Secondly, the Geneva Convention is very important, and I don't want to set a precedent that we change the Geneva Convention [because I'm concerned] if one of our troops or one of our CIA agents is caught or captured. Now, the key in all of this is I don't want to stop these interrogations. I'm not for torture, I'm not for waterboarding, but some of these techniques have been very helpful to us, whether they are sleep deprivation, or whether there's loud music. And I need to be absolutely certain that what the interrogators are doing now-which is completely fine as far as I'm concerned, protecting Americans-will not be harmed by the proposal.

Source: VA Senate debate on Meet the Press with Tim Russert, p.11 Sep 17, 2006

Wrong to bar women from VMI; did it to be gentlemanly

Q: From American Enterprise magazine, you wrote:
"If [Virginia Military Institute] admitted women, it wouldn't be the VMI that we've known for 154 years. You just don't treat women the way you treat fellow cadets. If you did, it would be ungentlemanly, it would be improper."
Men and women shouldn't be treated the same at a military institution?

ALLEN: The regiment at VMI -the curriculum and the training would be ungentlemanly to treat women the way that they were doing it. At Virginia Tech, we had women and opportunities for women to get military training in a co-ed approach. VMI and their board for many years felt that they should continue the way that they had in the past.

Q: But has women at VMI worked?

ALLEN: Yes, it has.

Q: So you were wrong?

ALLEN: We were wrong. The Supreme Court said we were wrong. We complied with that decision. What I said as governor, is I'm going to deplore anybody who demeans women.

Source: VA Senate debate on Meet the Press with Tim Russert, p.17 Sep 17, 2006

Supports more spending on Armed Forces personnel

Pointing out that America's fighting forces are now struggling to meet existing threats, Allen called for an increase in funding to $350 billion annually by 2005 to restore readiness. Allen called for an end to the procurement holiday and a reinvestment in defense to modernize all branches of the military with the technologically advanced equipment they will need to meet future threats. "We need to develop and deploy the new generation of aircraft carriers and the F-22 Raptor," Allen said.
Source: Press Release, "Military initiatives", Jul 8, 2000 Sep 19, 2000

Supports spending on Missile Defense ("Star Wars")

A strong advocate of a national missile defense system while a Member of Congress, Allen repeated his support for the project. As soon as it is technologically feasible, we've got to deploy a system that will keep Americans safe from incoming missile attacks, whether from a major adversary or from a rogue nation, Allen said.
Source: Press Release, "Military initiatives", Jul 8, 2000 Sep 19, 2000

Build SDI; pay soldiers more

“Our national defense is eroding - weakening by the day,” Allen said. “Our military has been cut to near the bone and stretched to near its limit. Our men and women in uniform are underpaid. Our military itself is undermanned.”
Source: Web site Allen2000.com Sep 12, 2000

Voted YES on reauthorizing the PATRIOT Act.

This vote reauthorizes the PATRIOT Act with some modifications (amendments). Voting YEA extends the PATRIOT Act, and voting NAY would phase it out. The official summary of the bill is:
A bill to clarify that individuals who receive FISA orders can challenge nondisclosure requirements, that individuals who receive national security letters are not required to disclose the name of their attorney, that libraries are not wire or electronic communication service providers unless they provide specific services, and for other purposes.